BCBS Prefix AAA to AZZ 2023

One name stands out regarding health insurance in the United States: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). With its extensive reach and commitment to quality healthcare, BCBS provides coverage to millions of individuals nationwide through a network of member companies. To efficiently organize its various insurance plans and policies, BCBS prefix AAA to AZZ assigns unique prefixes to each, enabling easy identification and differentiation.

In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the BCBS prefixes from AAA to AZZ, delving into the diverse coverage options and benefits they represent. By understanding these prefixes, individuals can make informed decisions about their healthcare, ensuring they select the most suitable plan tailored to their unique needs and priorities.

BCBS Alpha Prefix AAA to AZZ

BCBS PrefixBCBS PlanBCBS Plan State
AAABCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AABBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AACBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AADBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AAEAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AAFBCBS of ArizonaArizona
AAGAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AAHBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AAIBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AAJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AAKAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AALNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AAMBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AANEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AAOBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AAPBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
AAQAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AARCarefirst BCBSMaryland/Columbia/Northern Virginia
AASAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AATAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AAUAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AAVAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AAWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AAXBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AAYBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AAZAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ABABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ABBBCBS of ArizonaArizona
ABCBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
ABDRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
ABEBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
ABFEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ABGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ABHBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
ABIHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ABJBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
ABKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ABLBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ABMBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
ABNAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
ABOAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ABPBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
ABQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ABRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ABSWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ABTAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ABUBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
ABVBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
ABWAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
ABXBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
ABYCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ABZAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ACABCBS of AlabamaAlabama
ACBNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ACCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ACDEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ACEHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ACFPremera Blue Cross of AlaskaAlaska
ACGBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
ACHEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ACIAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
ACJAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
ACKEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ACLBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
ACMBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
ACNBCBS of TexasTexas
ACOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ACPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ACRAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ACSCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ACTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ACUBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
ACVWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ACWAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ACXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ACYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ACZAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ADAAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ADBAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ADCBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ADDAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ADEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ADFBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
ADGAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ADHAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ADIAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ADJBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
ADKAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ADLAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ADMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ADNAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ADOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
ADPEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ADQIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ADRWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ADSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ADTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ADVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ADWMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst BlueN/ACross BlueN/AShield
ADXFlorida Explore-my-planFlorida
ADYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ADZAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
AEABCBS of TexasTexas
AEBNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AECAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AEDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AEEArkansas BCBSArkansas
AEFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AEGAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AEHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AEIAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AEJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AEKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AELAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AEMCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AENHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AEOBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AEPWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AEQBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AERBCBS of TexasTexas
AESBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AETAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AEUBCBS of TexasTexas
AEVBCBS of TexasTexas
AEXBCBS of TexasTexas
AEYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AEZBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AFANo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFBBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
AFCWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AFDBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AFEBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AFFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFGBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
AFHAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AFIBCBS of Rhode IslandRhode Island
AFJAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AFKBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AFLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFMBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AFNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AFOArkansas BCBSArkansas
AFPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFQRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AFRAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AFSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFTAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AFUAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AFVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AFWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AFXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AFYHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AFZAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AGAAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AGBExcellus BCBS of New YorkNew York
AGCEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AGDAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AGEAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AGFIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AGGAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AGHAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AGIAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AGJBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AGKBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AGLPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AGMBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AGNCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AGONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AGPBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AGQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AGRAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
AGSAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AGTBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AGUCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AGVBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AGWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AGXAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AGYAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AGZBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AHABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AHBAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AHCPremera Blue Cross of AlaskaAlaska
AHDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AHEEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AHFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHGBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
AHHAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AHINo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AHNCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AHONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHPBCBS of TexasTexas
AHQBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AHRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AHSBCBS of OklahomaOklahoma
AHTAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AHUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHVAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AHWBCBS of VermontVermont
AHXAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AHYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AHZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AIABCBS of TexasTexas
AIBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AICNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AIDAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AIECarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AIFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AIGBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AIHAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AIIBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
AIJAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
AIKBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AILAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AIMBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AINNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AIOAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AIPAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AIQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AIRCapital Blue Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AISBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AITBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AIUBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
AIVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AIWBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AIXBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AIYAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AJABCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AJBBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
AJCBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AJDAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AJFBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AJGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AJHBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AJJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AJKBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AJLBCBS of TexasTexas
AJMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AJNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AJOAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AJPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AJQAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AJRBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AJSAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AJTBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AJUCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AJWAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AJXPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AJYBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AJZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKABCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AKBAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AKCBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AKDBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AKENo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKFEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AKGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKHAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AKIAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AKJRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AKKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AKLAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AKMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AKNAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AKONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKQEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AKRRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AKSAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AKTAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AKUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AKVEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AKWBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AKXAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AKYCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AKZAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ALAWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ALBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ALCRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
ALDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALEBCBS of TexasTexas
ALFWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ALGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALIAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ALJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALKPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
ALLAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ALMAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ALNHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ALOWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ALPAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ALQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALRAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ALSBCBS of MichiganMichigan
ALTBCBS of TexasTexas
ALUHighmark BCBS of West VirginiaWest Virginia
ALVPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
ALWBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
ALXAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ALYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ALZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AMABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AMBAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AMCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AMDAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AMEBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AMFAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AMGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AMHAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AMIBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AMJAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AMKPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AMLWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AMMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AMNBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AMONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AMPBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AMQHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AMRBCBS of TexasTexas
AMSBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AMTBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AMUAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AMVAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AMWAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AMXBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
AMYAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AMZAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
ANABCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
ANBAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
ANCBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
ANDBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ANERegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
ANFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ANGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ANHAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
ANJAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ANKAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
ANLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ANMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ANNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ANOBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ANPAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
ANRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ANSBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
ANTAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ANUAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ANVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ANWAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ANXAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
ANYBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ANZWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AOAAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AOBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AOCAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
AODBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AOEAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AOFWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AOGBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AOHBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AOIBCBS of TexasTexas
AOJBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AOKRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AOLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AOMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AONBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AOOBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AOPBlue Shield Northeastern New YorkNew York (Northeastern)
AOQBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AORBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AOSBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
AOTAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
AOUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AOVIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AOWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AOXBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
AOYBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AOZAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
APAWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
APBArkansas BCBSArkansas
APCAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
APDBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
APERegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
APFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
APGAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
APHAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
APIBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
APJBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
APKBCBS of ArizonaArizona
APLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
APMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
APNAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
APOAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
APPWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
APQAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
APRAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
APSBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
APTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
APUBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
APVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
APWBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
APXBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
APYHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
APZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AQBBCBS of Rhode IslandRhode Island
AQCAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AQDAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AQEBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
AQFWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AQGAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AQHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AQIAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
AQJPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AQKBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AQLHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AQMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AQNAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AQONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AQPBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AQQBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AQRAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AQSBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AQTPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AQUBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
AQVRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AQWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AQXEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AQYBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AQZBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ARABCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
ARBBCBS of TexasTexas
ARCAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ARDBCBS of New MexicoNew Mexico
AREAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ARFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ARGHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ARHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ARINo Prefix AssignedN/A
ARJAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ARKAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ARLCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ARMBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
ARNBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
ARONo Prefix AssignedN/A
ARPBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ARQAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ARRIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ARSBCBS of TexasTexas
ARTBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
ARUBCBS of TexasTexas
ARVAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ARWAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ARXBCBS of KansasKansas
ARYAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ARZHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ASACarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ASBExcellus BCBS of New YorkNew York
ASCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ASDBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ASEBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
ASFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ASGExcellus BCBS of New YorkNew York
ASHAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
ASIBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
ASJAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
ASKWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ASLHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
ASMCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ASNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ASOAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
ASPBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
ASQAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
ASRIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
ASSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ASTBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
ASUAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ASVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ASWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ASXAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
ASYBCBS of MichiganMichigan
ASZAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
ATABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ATBWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ATCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
ATDRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
ATEEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
ATFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ATGCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ATHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
ATIBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
ATJAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ATKAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
ATLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ATMAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
ATNAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
ATOBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ATPWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
ATQBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
ATRAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
ATSBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ATTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ATUCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
ATVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
ATWAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
ATXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
ATYBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
ATZBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AUAIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AUBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AUCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUEAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AUFAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AUGBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AUHHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AUINo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUJAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AUKIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AULEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AUMCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AUNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AUQAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AURAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AUSBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AUUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AUVBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AUWHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
AUXBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AUYWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AUZBCBS of TexasTexas
AVABCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AVBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AVCBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AVDBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AVEEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AVFBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AVGBCBS of New MexicoNew Mexico
AVHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AVIAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AVJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AVKBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AVLPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AVMCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AVNPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AVOAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
AVPAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AVQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AVRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AVSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AVTAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AVUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AVVPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AVWBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AVXEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
AVYBCBS of TexasTexas
AVZAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWARegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AWBPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AWCAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWDBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AWEAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AWGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AWHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AWIBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AWJPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AWKWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AWLAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AWNBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AWOBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AWPAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AWQRegence BCBSIdaho,Oregon,Utah,Washington
AWRHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AWSWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AWTAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AWVAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWWBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AWXAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
AWYAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AWZBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AXABCBS of NebraskaNebraska
AXBHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
AXCArkansas BCBSArkansas
AXDBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AXEAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
AXFAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AXHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AXINo Prefix AssignedN/A
AXJAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AXKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AXLBCBS of MichiganMichigan
AXMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AXNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AXOBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AXPBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AXQBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
AXRBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
AXSBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AXTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AXUAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AXVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AXWCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AXXBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AXYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AXZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYACarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AYBBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AYCBCBS of TexasTexas
AYEWellmark BCBSSouth Dakota/Iowa
AYFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AYGCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland
AYHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AYIBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
AYJAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AYKAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AYLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYNBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
AYONo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYQBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AYRHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
AYSPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
AYTAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
AYUAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AYVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AYWBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
AYXAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
AYYBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AYZBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
AZABCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
AZBAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AZCAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
AZDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AZFBCBS of MississippiMississippi
AZGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZHBCBS of TexasTexas
AZINo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZJAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AZKBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
AZLAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
AZMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZNExcellus BCBS of New YorkNew York
AZOBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AZPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
AZSBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AZTBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AZUAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AZVAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
AZWBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
AZXAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
AZYBlue Shield CaliforniaCalifornia
AZZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland

BCBS offering various plans and each plan distinguished by its specific prefix, catering to a wide range of medical needs. From comprehensive medical coverage to specialized services, BCBS has something for everyone. So, let’s take a closer look at the BCBS prefixes from AAA to AZZ and uncover the variety of healthcare options they signify, empowering individuals to make choices that can lead to better health and overall well-being.

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