BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ 2023

Before exploring the individual prefixes, it’s essential to understand what BCBS prefixes are and how they function. BCBS prefixes are three-letter codes found at the start of member identification numbers on insurance cards. These codes help identify the member’s plan or region, streamlining claims and healthcare data management.

The BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ falls within a specific range of prefixes that distinguish various insurance policies. Each prefix represents a unique set of plans, coverage options, or regional divisions. Understanding the significance of these prefixes is crucial for policyholders and healthcare providers to ensure seamless insurance operations.

BCBS Prefix List BAA to BZZ

BCBS PrefixBCBS PlanBCBS Plan State
BAAAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BABAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
BACCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BADBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BAEEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BAFBCBS of OklahomaOklahoma
BAGBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BAHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BAINo Prefix AssignedN/A
BAJWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BAKAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BALBCBS of North DakotaNorth Dakota
BAMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BANCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BAONo Prefix AssignedN/A
BAPBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BAQBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BARCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BASBCBS of TexasTexas
BATBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BAUAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BAVAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BAWEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BAXHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BAYAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BAZBCBS of TexasTexas
BBBNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBCPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BBDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BBFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBGBCBS of TexasTexas
BBHAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
BBIBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BBJPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BBKAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BBLAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BBMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BBNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BBPBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BBQBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BBRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBSBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BBTBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BBUBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BBVAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BBWAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BBXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BBYBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BBZBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BCAArkansas BCBSArkansas
BCBBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BCCPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BCDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BCECarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BCFWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BCGBCBS of TexasTexas
BCHArkansas BCBSArkansas
BCIBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BCJAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BCKAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BCLAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BCMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BCNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BCOWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BCPAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BCQArkansas BCBSArkansas
BCRWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BCSBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BCTRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BCUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BCVBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BCWEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BCXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BCZRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BDABCBS of MichiganMichigan
BDBArkansas BCBSArkansas
BDCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BDDAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BDENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDFBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BDGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BDHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BDIWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BDJAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BDKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDLBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BDMBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BDNCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BDOAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BDPAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BDQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDRArkansas BCBSArkansas
BDSBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BDTAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BDUBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
BDVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDWHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BDXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BDZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BEBBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BECBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BEDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BEEBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BEFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BEGBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BEHAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BEIBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BEJBCBS of TexasTexas
BEKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BELAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BEMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BENAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BEOHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BEPCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BEQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BERBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BESAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BETHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BEVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BEWHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BEXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BEYAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BEZWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BFANo Prefix AssignedN/A
BFBBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
BFCAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BFDAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
BFEBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
BFFBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
BFGBCBS of TexasTexas
BFHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BFIBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BFJAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BFKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BFMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BFNWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BFOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BFPBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BFQBCBS of TexasTexas
BFSBCBS of TexasTexas
BFTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BFUCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BFVHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BFWBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BFXAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BFYCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BFZAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BGABCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BGBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BGCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BGDBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BGEAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BGFCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BGGAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BGHBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BGIBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BGJBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BGKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BGLBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BGMAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BGNBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BGPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BGQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BGRBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BGSPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BGTBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BGUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BGVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BGWEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BGXBCBS of TexasTexas
BGYCapital Blue Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BGZAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BHANo Prefix AssignedN/A
BHBCapital Blue Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BHCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BHDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BHEBCBS of TexasTexas
BHFBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BHGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BHHBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BHIAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BHJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BHKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BHLBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
BHMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BHNBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
BHOWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BHPBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BHQAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BHRAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
BHSBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BHTBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BHUBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BHVBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BHWCapital Blue Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BHXBCBS of MontanaMontana
BHYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BHZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIAAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BIBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BICAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BIDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIEBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BIFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIGAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BIHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIIBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BIJCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BIKRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BILBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BIMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BINCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BIOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BIPRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BIQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIRAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BISBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BITBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BIUBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BIVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BIWAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BIXBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BIYAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BIZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJAAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BJBHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BJCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJDAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BJENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BJHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BJJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJKAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BJLAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BJMAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BJNHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BJOBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
BJPBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BJQBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BJRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJSBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BJTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJWCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BJXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BJYAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BJZAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BKAAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BKBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BKCBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BKDPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BKENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BKFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BKGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BKHPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BKIAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BKJAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
BKKBCBS of TexasTexas
BKLBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BKMAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BKNBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BKOAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BKPBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BKQBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BKRWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BKSBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BKTEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BKUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BKVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BKWBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BKXBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BKYBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BKZBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BLBAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BLCBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BLDBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
BLFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BLGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BLHBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BLINo Prefix AssignedN/A
BLJAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BLKAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BLLAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BLNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BLOAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BLPAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BLQAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BLRBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BLSEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BLTBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BLUBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BLVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BLWBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BLXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BLYAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BLZAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BMAAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BMBBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BMCBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BMDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BMECarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BMFEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BMGBCBS of TexasTexas
BMHAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BMICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BMJAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BMKWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BMLAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BMMWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BMNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BMOBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BMPRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BMQBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BMRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BMSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BMTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BMUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BMWIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BMXAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
BMYBCBS of TexasTexas
BMZNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNAAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BNBNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNCBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BNDBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BNENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BNGAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BNHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BNINo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNKBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BNLCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BNMBCBS of New MexicoNew Mexico
BNNBCBS of TexasTexas
BNONo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNPWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BNQAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
BNRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BNSCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BNTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BNUBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BNVAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BNWBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BNXAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BNYAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BNZHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BOABCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BOCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BODAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BOEBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BOFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BOGBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BOHBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BOINo Prefix AssignedN/A
BOJBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BOKBCBS of OklahomaOklahoma
BOLWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BOMWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BONNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BOONo Prefix AssignedN/A
BOPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BOQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BORPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BOSBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BOTCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BOUBCBS of Rhode IslandRhode Island
BOVHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BOWBCBS of TexasTexas
BOXBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BOYAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BOZBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BPABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BPBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BPCBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BPDBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BPEWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BPFCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BPGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BPHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BPIWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BPJBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BPKBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BPLAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BPMAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
BPNBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BPOAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BPPAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BPQBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
BPREmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BPSBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
BPTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BPUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BPVAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BPWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BPXRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BPYBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BPZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BQANo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQBRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BQCWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BQDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQEAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BQFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQHAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BQIBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BQJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQLAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BQMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQOBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BQPAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BQQBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BQRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQTBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BQUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BQXBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BQYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BQZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BRABlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BRBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BRCBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BRDIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BREBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BRFBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BRGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BRHBCBS of TexasTexas
BRINo Prefix AssignedN/A
BRJBCBS of Rhode IslandRhode Island
BRKBCBS of TexasTexas
BRLAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BRMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BRNCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BROBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
BRPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BRQBCBS of OklahomaOklahoma
BRRRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BRSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BRTAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BRUBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BRVBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BRWBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BRXAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BRYBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BRZWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BSABCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BSBNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSCBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BSDWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BSEBCBS of TexasTexas
BSFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSGAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BSHBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BSIBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BSJIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BSKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSLBCBS of TexasTexas
BSMBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BSNBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BSOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BSPAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BSQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSRPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BSSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BSVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BSWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BSXAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BSYBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BSZBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BTABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BTBBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BTCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTDEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
BTEAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BTFWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BTGPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BTHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BTIRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BTJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BTLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTMWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BTNBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BTOAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BTPAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
BTQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTRNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BTTWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BTUArkansas BCBSArkansas
BTVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BTWAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BTXAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BTYAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
BTZWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BUANo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BUCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUDBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BUEAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BUFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BUGNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUHHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BUIAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BUJBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BUKAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BULBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BUMAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BUNBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BUOBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BUPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BURAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BUSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BUTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUUBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BUVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BUXBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BUYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BUZBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BVAAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BVBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BVCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVDBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BVEPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BVFWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BVGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BVHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BVIBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
BVJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVMBCBS of Kansas CityKansas
BVNAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BVOBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BVPBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
BVQWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BVRBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BVSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVTBCBS of VermontVermont
BVUNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BVZBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BWABCBS of VermontVermont
BWBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BWCBCBS of TexasTexas
BWDBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BWEAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BWFBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BWGAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BWHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BWIAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BWJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BWKWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BWLBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BWMWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BWNBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BWOBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BWPNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BWQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BWRAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BWSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BWTAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
BWUWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BWVNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BWWIndependence Blue Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BWXRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BWYAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BWZAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BXAAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
BXBBCBS of MontanaMontana
BXCAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
BXDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BXFBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BXGBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BXHBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BXICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BXJNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXKNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXLBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BXMNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXNAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BXOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BXPBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
BXQBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BXRAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BXSNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXTBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
BXUBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
BXVBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BXWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BXZBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BYAHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
BYBAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BYCAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BYDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYFCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BYGCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BYHNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BYJAnthem Blue CrossCalifornia
BYKAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BYLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYMAnthem BCBS of NevadaNevada
BYNAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
BYOBlue Cross of IdahoIdaho
BYPAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BYQRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BYRBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
BYSCapital Blue Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
BYTNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYUAnthem BCBS of MaineMaine
BYVAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
BYWRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
BYXNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYYNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BYZAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
BZANo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZBPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BZCNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZDNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZENo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZFNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BZHBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BZIWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BZJBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BZKPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
BZLNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZMAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
BZNNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZOBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BZPBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
BZQNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZRWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
BZSBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
BZTBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
BZUBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BZVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
BZWNo Prefix AssignedN/A
BZXBCBS of MichiganMichigan
BZYAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
BZZBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina

How BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ is Utilized

BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ is strategically assigned to plans and members based on geographical location, policy type, or employer group. The allocation of these prefixes enables effective organization and management of BCBS’s extensive member network. It also aids in tracking claims, identifying providers, and ensuring policyholders receive entitled benefits.

Unveiling the LSI Keywords and Their Role

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The History of BCBS Prefixes

To fully appreciate BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ, exploring the history of BCBS and the development of these prefixes is essential. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s roots date back to the early 20th century, and the system has evolved, leading to the use of prefixes for efficient administration.

The Advantages of BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ

BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ offers advantages for policyholders and healthcare providers alike. These benefits range from simplified claims processing to improved identification of member plans, resulting in streamlined healthcare services.

BCBS Prefix BAA: Decoding Its Meaning

The prefix “BAA” is one of the many codes used by BCBS. Understanding its meaning and significance sheds light on the types of plans and associated members, helping individuals identify their policy details and coverage.

BCBS Prefix BBZ: Blue-Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

“BBZ” is another unique BCBS prefix on the other end of the spectrum. Exploring the meaning behind this code provides valuable information about the plans and regions it represents, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between BCBS Prefix BAA and BZZ?

Ans. BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ encompasses a range of codes, each signifying specific plans and regions. The main difference lies in the policies and coverage associated with each prefix. While BAA may represent individual plans in a particular state, BZZ could indicate group policies across multiple states.

Q2. How can I find out the details of my BCBS policy with a specific prefix?

Ans. You can easily find the details of your BCBS policy by referring to your insurance card. The three-letter prefix at the beginning of your member identification number will indicate your specific plan and coverage options.

Q3. Are BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ used in all states?

Ans. BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ are used in all states where Blue Cross Blue Shield operates. These prefixes are part of the larger system employed by BCBS to manage and identify various plans and members effectively.

Q4. Can BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ change over time?

Ans. BCBS may occasionally update or modify the prefixes assigned to specific plans or regions. These changes are made to improve administrative processes and better serve policyholders.

Q5. Is there a specific pattern to the allocation of BCBS prefixes?

Ans. While BCBS prefixes are strategically assigned, there is no uniform pattern across all states or regions. The allocation may vary based on plan type, geographical location, and employer groups.

Q6. Can healthcare providers use BCBS prefixes to verify coverage details?

Ans. Healthcare providers can use BCBS prefixes to verify coverage details and ensure that patients are eligible for specific benefits under their insurance plans.

In conclusion, BCBS Prefix BAA to BZZ holds significant importance in Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. These three-letter codes help identify and organize various plans and members, making healthcare operations smoother and more efficient. Policyholders can gain valuable insights into their coverage by understanding the meaning and allocation of these prefixes, while healthcare providers can streamline claims processing and service delivery.

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