BCBS Prefix DAA to DZZ

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a collection of independently licensed health insurance companies operating in the United States. Each BCBS company has its unique three-letter prefix on members’ ID cards, which helps identify the specific BCBS company responsible for their coverage.

The range of BCBS prefixes from “DAA to DZZ” encompasses all the possible prefixes used for BCBS plans. Any BCBS member’s ID card starting with the letters “DAA” through “DZZ” would be linked to a BCBS plan.


BCBS PrefixBCBS PlanBCBS Plan State
DAARegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DABBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DACCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DADBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DAEWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DAFWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DAGBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DAHAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DAIBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DAJWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DAKBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DALBCBS of TexasTexas
DAMNo Prefix Assigned
DANCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DAOAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DAPWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DAQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DARBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DASWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DATBCBS of TexasTexas
DAUNo Prefix Assigned
DAVNo Prefix Assigned
DAWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DAXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DAYAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DAZIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DBAAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
DBBNo Prefix Assigned
DBCBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DBDNo Prefix Assigned
DBEAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DBFAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DBGAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DBHPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
DBIAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DBJNo Prefix Assigned
DBKWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DBLBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DBMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DBNNo Prefix Assigned
DBOIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DBPNo Prefix Assigned
DBQNo Prefix Assigned
DBRBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DBSNo Prefix Assigned
DBTBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DBUCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DBVBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DBWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DBXBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DBYBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DBZNo Prefix Assigned
DCAAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DCBAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DCCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DCDHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DCECarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DCFCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DCGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DCHBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DCINo Prefix Assigned
DCJNo Prefix Assigned
DCKNo Prefix Assigned
DCLBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DCMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DCNBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DCONo Prefix Assigned
DCPBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DCQWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DCRBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DCSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DCTWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DCUNo Prefix Assigned
DCVBCBS of TexasTexas
DCWHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DCXBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DCYNo Prefix Assigned
DCZRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DDBBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DDCNo Prefix Assigned
DDDNo Prefix Assigned
DDENo Prefix Assigned
DDFAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DDGBCBS of TexasTexas
DDHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DDINo Prefix Assigned
DDJBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DDKHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DDLCapital Blue-Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DDMBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DDNBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DDOBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DDPAnthem BCBS of New HampshireNew Hampshire
DDQNo Prefix Assigned
DDRNo Prefix Assigned
DDSAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DDTBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DDUNo Prefix Assigned
DDVBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DDWNo Prefix Assigned
DDXNo Prefix Assigned
DDYBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DDZBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DEABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DEBAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DECBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DEDIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DEEAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
DEFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DEGBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DEHBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DEIBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DEJBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DEKBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DELAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DEMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DENPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
DEOBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DEPAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DEQAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
DERBCBS of TexasTexas
DESBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DETAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
DEUAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DEVNo Prefix Assigned
DEWNo Prefix Assigned
DEXBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DEYBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DEZNo Prefix Assigned
DFABCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DFBIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DFCBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DFDNo Prefix Assigned
DFENo Prefix Assigned
DFFNo Prefix Assigned
DFGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DFHNo Prefix Assigned
DFIIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DFJNo Prefix Assigned
DFKBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DFLNo Prefix Assigned
DFMCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DFOBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DFPBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DFQAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DFRWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DFSBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DFTBCBS of TexasTexas
DFUNo Prefix Assigned
DFVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DFWNo Prefix Assigned
DFYBCBS of TexasTexas
DFZAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DGAAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DGBBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DGCBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DGDBlue-Cross of IdahoIdaho
DGEWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DGFBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DGGRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DGHNo Prefix Assigned
DGIBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGJBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DGLBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DGMNo Prefix Assigned
DGNBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DGPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DGQBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGRIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DGSBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGTBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGUBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DGVWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DGWBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DGXCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DGYBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DGZNo Prefix Assigned
DHAAnthem BCBS of KentuckyKentucky
DHBEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DHCBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DHDAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DHEBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DHFEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DHGAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DHHAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DHICapital Blue-Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DHJAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DHKBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DHLAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DHMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DHNBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DHOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DHPExcellus BCBS of New YorkNew York
DHQNo Prefix Assigned
DHRNo Prefix Assigned
DHSBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DHTRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DHUBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DHVWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DHWBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DHXCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DHYEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DHZNo Prefix Assigned
DIAWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DIBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DICNo Prefix Assigned
DIDBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DIEHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DIFBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DIGNo Prefix Assigned
DIHHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DIIBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DIJNo Prefix Assigned
DIKHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DILWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DIMNo Prefix Assigned
DINNo Prefix Assigned
DIPBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DIQBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DIRBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DISIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DITBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DIUNo Prefix Assigned
DIVBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DIWEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DIXNo Prefix Assigned
DIYBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DIZWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DJARegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DJBAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DJCNo Prefix Assigned
DJENo Prefix Assigned
DJFHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DJGNo Prefix Assigned
DJHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DJIAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
DJJHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DJKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DJLEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DJMBCBS of TexasTexas
DJNBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DJOBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DJPCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DJRBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DJSNo Prefix Assigned
DJTNo Prefix Assigned
DJUNo Prefix Assigned
DJVAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DJWBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DJXBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DJYNo Prefix Assigned
DJZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DKAWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DKBNo Prefix Assigned
DKCCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DKDWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DKEBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DKFBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DKGNo Prefix Assigned
DKHBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DKIWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DKJCapital Blue-Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DKKBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DKLNo Prefix Assigned
DKMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DKNNo Prefix Assigned
DKOBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DKPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DKQBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DKRBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DKSBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DKTWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DKUNo Prefix Assigned
DKVIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DKWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DKXNo Prefix Assigned
DKYBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DKZAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DLAWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DLBAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DLCNo Prefix Assigned
DLDAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DLEBlue-Cross of IdahoIdaho
DLFNo Prefix Assigned
DLGBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DLHBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DLIAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DLJBlue-Cross of IdahoIdaho
DLKCapital Blue-Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DLLWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DLMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DLNAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DLOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DLPCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DLQAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DLRBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DLSNo Prefix Assigned
DLTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DLUAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DLVAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DLWNo Prefix Assigned
DLXBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DLYNo Prefix Assigned
DLZBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DMABCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DMBNo Prefix Assigned
DMCBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DMDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DMEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DMFNo Prefix Assigned
DMGBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DMHBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DMIBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DMJNo Prefix Assigned
DMKNo Prefix Assigned
DMLBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DMMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DMNBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DMOIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DMPHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DMQEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DMRBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
DMSNo Prefix Assigned
DMTBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DMUNo Prefix Assigned
DMVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DMWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DMXBlue-Cross of IdahoIdaho
DMYBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DMZWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DNANo Prefix Assigned
DNBBCBS of TexasTexas
DNCWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DNDBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DNEBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DNFWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DNGCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DNHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DNJNo Prefix Assigned
DNKNo Prefix Assigned
DNLBCBS of TexasTexas
DNMBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DNNBCBS of TexasTexas
DNOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DNPNo Prefix Assigned
DNQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DNRHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DNSCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DNTCapital Blue-Cross of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DNUNo Prefix Assigned
DNVHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DNWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DNXBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DNYNo Prefix Assigned
DNZAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DOAWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DOBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DOCBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DOEAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
DOFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DOGCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DOHBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DOIBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DOKWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DOLWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DOMAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
DONBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DOONo Prefix Assigned
DOPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DOQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DORNo Prefix Assigned
DOSBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DOTNo Prefix Assigned
DOUBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DOVCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DOXWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DOYAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DOZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DPAAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DPCIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DPDBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DPEEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DPFBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DPGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DPHNo Prefix Assigned
DPIAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DPJNo Prefix Assigned
DPKNo Prefix Assigned
DPLNo Prefix Assigned
DPMBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DPNNo Prefix Assigned
DPOBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DPPAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DPQNo Prefix Assigned
DPRBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DPSAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DPTHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
DPUBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DPVNo Prefix Assigned
DPWBCBS of TexasTexas
DPXNo Prefix Assigned
DPYCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DPZNo Prefix Assigned
DQAAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DQBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DQCBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DQDBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DQENo Prefix Assigned
DQFNo Prefix Assigned
DQGWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DQHWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DQIBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DQJAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
DQKNo Prefix Assigned
DQLCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DQMHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
DQNBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
DQOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DQPCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DQQNo Prefix Assigned
DQRNo Prefix Assigned
DQSAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DQTAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DQUNo Prefix Assigned
DQVNo Prefix Assigned
DQWNo Prefix Assigned
DQXNo Prefix Assigned
DQYCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DQZNo Prefix Assigned
DRAAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DRBBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DRCBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DRDAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DREBCBS of TexasTexas
DRFBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DRGAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DRHIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DRIBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DRJBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DRKNo Prefix Assigned
DRLNo Prefix Assigned
DRMHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DRNCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DROWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DRPNo Prefix Assigned
DRQNo Prefix Assigned
DRRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DRSNo Prefix Assigned
DRTNo Prefix Assigned
DRUAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DRVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DRWWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DRXBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DRYAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
DRZAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
DSANo Prefix Assigned
DSBWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DSCNo Prefix Assigned
DSDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DSEAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DSFBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DSGNo Prefix Assigned
DSHBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DSIIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DSJCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DSKBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DSLNo Prefix Assigned
DSMRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DSNNo Prefix Assigned
DSONo Prefix Assigned
DSPAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DSQAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DSRHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
DSSAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
DSTBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DSUAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
DSVNo Prefix Assigned
DSWBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DSXHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DSYBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DSZBCBS of North DakotaNorth Dakota
DTACarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DTBHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DTCCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DTDBCBS of NebraskaNebraska
DTEAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DTFCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DTGNo Prefix Assigned
DTHBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DTINo Prefix Assigned
DTJAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
DTKRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DTLCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DTMAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DTNAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
DTOBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DTPNo Prefix Assigned
DTQNo Prefix Assigned
DTRNo Prefix Assigned
DTSNo Prefix Assigned
DTTCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DTU BCBS PrefixAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
DTVBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DTWAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
DTXNo Prefix Assigned
DTYAnthem BCBS of ConnecticutConnecticut
DTZBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUABCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUBBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUCBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DUDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DUFBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUGHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DUHBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DUINo Prefix Assigned
DUJIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DUKIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DULBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DUMWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DUNBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DUOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DUPHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
DUQBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DURBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DUS BCBS PrefixAnthem BCBS of ColoradoColorado
DUTNo Prefix Assigned
DUUBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUXBCBS of KansasKansas
DUYBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DUZBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DVAAnthem BCBS of IndianaIndiana
DVBEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DVCBCBS of LouisianaLouisiana
DVDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DVENo Prefix Assigned
DVFAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DVGBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DVHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DVICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DVJWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DVKNo Prefix Assigned
DVLNo Prefix Assigned
DVMAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DVNAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DVONo Prefix Assigned
DVPBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DVQNo Prefix Assigned
DVRBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DVSHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DVTNo Prefix Assigned
DVUIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DVVNo Prefix Assigned
DVWNo Prefix Assigned
DVXCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DVYNo Prefix Assigned
DVZBCBS of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
DWABCBS of MichiganMichigan
DWBBCBS of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
DWCCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWEBlue-Shield of CaliforniaCalifornia
DWFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DWGBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
DWHNo Prefix Assigned
DWICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWJNo Prefix Assigned
DWKHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DWLCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DWNRegence BCBSIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
DWOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWPBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DWQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWRCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DWSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DWTBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DWUIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DWVNo Prefix Assigned
DWWNo Prefix Assigned
DWXNo Prefix Assigned
DWYAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DWZNo Prefix Assigned
DXACarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DXBAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DXCAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DXDCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DXEBCBS of TexasTexas
DXFIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DXGBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DXHCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DXINo Prefix Assigned
DXJNo Prefix Assigned
DXKPremera BCBS of AlaskaAlaska
DXLNo Prefix Assigned
DXMAnthem BCBS of VirginiaVirginia
DXNBCBS of TexasTexas
DXONo Prefix Assigned
DXP BCBS PrefixBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DXQWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DXRHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DXSWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DXTNo Prefix Assigned
DXUBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DXVNo Prefix Assigned
DXWBCBS of Kansas CityKansas City
DXXBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DXYBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DXZCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DYABCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DYBNo Prefix Assigned
DYEBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DYFBCBS of IllinoisIllinois
DYGBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DYHNo Prefix Assigned
DYINo Prefix Assigned
DYJNo Prefix Assigned
DYKCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DYLHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DYMBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DYNNo Prefix Assigned
DYOCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DYPCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DYQAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DYRNo Prefix Assigned
DYSAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DYTAnthem Blue-CrossCalifornia
DYUHorizon BCBS of New JerseyNew Jersey
DYVAnthem BCBS of WisconsinWisconsin
DYWHighmark BCBS of DelawareDelaware
DYXBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DYYAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DYZNo Prefix Assigned
DZAEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DZBCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DZCWellmark BCBSIowa, South Dakota
DZDBCBS of Western New YorkNew York (Western)
DZEAnthem BCBS of GeorgiaGeorgia
DZFNo Prefix Assigned
DZGEmpire BCBS of New YorkNew York
DZHHighmark BCBS of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania
DZICarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DZJBCBS of AlabamaAlabama
DZKAnthem BCBS of MissouriMissouri
DZLNo Prefix Assigned
DZMBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DZNAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DZOBCBS of TennesseeTennessee
DZPBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DZQCarefirst BCBSColumbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia
DZRNo Prefix Assigned
DZSNo Prefix Assigned
DZTBCBS of MinnesotaMinnesota
DZUNo Prefix Assigned
DZVAnthem BCBS of OhioOhio
DZWBCBS of MichiganMichigan
DZXBCBS of MassachusettsMassachusetts
DZYNo Prefix Assigned
DZZBCBS of TennesseeTennessee

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